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December 01, 2011

Avoid the New Year’s Job Search Rush

Is your New Year’s 2012 resolution to begin a search for new employment in Accounting, Finance or IT?

If so, there are a number of possible reasons why you’ve chosen the beginning of the New Year as the time to explore more enjoyable, challenging or lucrative job opportunities. Perhaps you believe that no jobs are available at the end of the year. Or maybe you’re overwhelmed by the stress of the holiday season and want a break before pursuing new positions. Or perhaps you’re waiting for the convenient feeling of January’s fresh start.

Regardless of your motivations, you are one of many business professionals who are planning to start their job search as the year opens.

As Abacus Group’s Blog has emphasized previously, differentiation is a crucial component of the job search process. Just like your personal accomplishments, resume presentation and interview performance, timing is an important dimension of an effective job search in the Accounting, Finance and IT fields.

Given that the beginning of the New Year is a popular time for job seeking, starting your search NOW is highly recommended. By giving yourself a month’s head start, you’ll gain a considerable competitive advantage over candidates who have postponed their job searches until after the holidays.

In addition to decreased competition, there are several other advantages to an active job search during the holiday season.  Organizations never stop looking for employees. In fact, the demand for workers might even increase during the end of the year if a company is in a crunch to complete all objectives. 

Secondly, employers – like candidates – have objectives for the New Year, such as finalizing financial budgets and training new employees. As such, they may be looking to begin their candidate searches early to avoid later chaos.

Thirdly, consider the idea that applying during the holidays is impressive to the employer; remaining active during the lull of the holidays exhibits your dedication to obtaining the position.

Given the strategic advantages of embarking on a job search now, you have hopefully reevaluated your plan to delay the process. Accordingly, you can modify your New Year’s resolution from “Begin searching for jobs” to “Secure an interview for a desired position.” You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

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